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/ English / “Glorious” Turkish Army paves the way for Islamist again

“Glorious” Turkish Army paves the way for Islamist again

on 16 Temmuz 2016 - 20:49 Kategori: English

On the one hand, Erdogan’s desire to build Islamic one-man dictatorship has brought the country on the edge of a cliff, the events which inconceivable have come true systematically. A bloody and unsuccessful military coup that the general staff’s warplanes bombed the parliament, police headquarters, MIT (national intelligence organization), illegal palace (Erdogan’s palace), special operation center…

An institutional downfall, which can be, faced similar occasions in African countries… An ominous adventure which overthrown immediately the labor fronts and the democratic rights which is defended by the country’s laborers, leftists and honored people fight tooth and nail…

From now on, Erdogan and his supporters will abuse this adventure as springboard and will consider nobody will stand in front of them. The myth created among democracy hero and martyrs…

Every kind of hypocritical, immoral, tyranny and unrest people will be the sign of principled attitude… However, we do not but it…

Although we, revolutionaries, hate the ominous interventions of military, we know that 15 July’s night is not a victory of democracy. On the contrary, date is to raise the struggle against the oppression regime tried to build by Erdogan. The only progressive way out from this process is labor struggle and socialism.

No matter what happens, we have to gain the poor laborers of this country. It must be known that the weak point of AKP is the clash between poor and rich. We have emphasized this point repeatedly. There is no other progressive alternative. Pessimism, cowardice and laziness will cost much.

Socialist Laborers Party warns the people troubled with the process and invites to united struggle immediately. All laborers and youth should know that revolutionaries will not dread and in any case without hesitation will fight.



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