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SEP Statement; Strike to Root the Strike Bans Out!

on 27 Ocak 2018 - 13:07 Kategori: English

The strike, which was called by United Metal-Is, Türk Metal and Çelik-İş trade unions at metal sector and covers approximately 130 thousand workers in 179 factories and will start on 2nd of February, was banned by the AKP government on the pretext of “national security”. We know well the strike hostility President Erdoğan and the AKP.

While Erdoğan was trying to comfort the bosses about state of emergency, he had said that: “Do not worry, we use state of emergency to ban the strikes”. As a matter of fact, during the first six months of 2017, five major strikes had been banned by the government. AKP, this time in accordance with the will of the MESS(the Metal Industrialists Union) , forbade the metal strike. The strike decision taken by the three unions of the metal sector and includes a total of nearly 150 thousand workers. It is a critical strike.

We have stressed from the beginning; the danger of a strike ban was so explicit that the metal workers had to prepare against the ban. Now, the strike has been banned before it starts. Metal workers must root the strike bans out in order to claim their rights, their bread, their freedom and their future. The strike must be organized defacto against the strike ban. Metal workers should set up their own strike committees in the factories against union leaders who will make strike evasions. All laborers must be in solidarity with metal workers. The only way to rebuff the attacks is to be organized and solidarity of the workers. And, it is also necessary for the workers to detect the workers’ enemies well!

AKP, which forbids the strikes, forces the conditions of misery on the workers, impose the minimum wage on the hunger limit, but also pushes the boat out when it comes to the bosses!

 AKP is pure enemy of the workers!

The laborers must say “Enough is Enough!” to the powers and parties who are the spokesman of the bosses.

 For many years now, the laborers have been sentenced to the bosses’ parties. The workers who can see the exploitation could nor find an alternative. But now, the socialist laborers have a party!

Those who make policy on behalf of the bosses, get off!

The place of the laborers is their party; the Socialist Laborers Party!

The laborer brothers and sisters who see the facts, let us organize the politics of the laborers together and stronger!

The only way to root the strike bans out is to going on strike!

MESS orders, AKP forbades the strikes!

Enough to the State of Emergency, Enough to the Strike Bans!

Enough to the Bosses’ Friend, Workers’ Enemy AKP Government!

Occupation, Strike, Resistance!

For Bread and Freedom, There is Hope, Here We Are!

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