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Actions Against the Strike Bans in Metal Factories

on 27 Ocak 2018 - 13:20 Kategori: English

Thousands of metal workers member of Bileşik Metal İş protested the strike ban in the factories

The strike, which was proclaimed by three (Birleşik Metal İş, Türk Metal and Çelik-İş) unions in the metal sector and covers 130 thousand workers, was banned by the AKP government this evening. Against the ban, Birleşik Metal-İş has made a statement: “We do not recognize the ban, we are on strike on 2nd of February”. In factories where Birleşik Metal-İş is organized, workers have protested the strike ban with actions throughout the day and called out on February 2.

Within the scope of the strike, while there are 30 factories in which the United Metal-Is is organized, the Türk Metal has gone on strike in 145 factories, and the Çelik-İş in 4 factories. The workers who are members of the United Metal-Is have protested at factories all day long during shift changes, at cafeterias and inside of workplaces.

The emphasis on not taking a step back against the strikes ban of the metalworkers’ actions has come to the fore. In the actions, the press statement of the union was also read. The mass actions have been taken in Başöz, Bursa SCM, Çimsataş, Ejot Tezmak, Gebze Arfesan, Arpek, Gebze Zf Sachs, Mefro Wheels, Prysmian and Sarkuysan factories.

Birleşik Metal-İş: We Do Not Recognize the Strike Ban, We Are on Strike on February 2!

Birleşik Metal-İş union has made the following point in its statement after the strike ban decision: “The government has made it a habit to ban the strikes by using various excuses.  Now, we, as metalworkers, DO NOT RECOGNIZE the decision of the government, the strike ban, which protects purely and simply the bosses, does not protect the great efforts of workers, takes away the workers’ right to strike, restrains to use a constitutional right; just like before we hadn’t recognized at EMİS (unions of metal bosses)  workplaces.

Today, as metalworkers, we will give our response to those who announce the strike ban and to the capital in workplaces by using our power from production.

 Our union will put into practice the strike decision, which has been taken on behalf of approximately 12.000 workers in workplaces dependent on MESS (the Metal Industrialists Union), on February 2. We invite all labor friends to support the rightful fight of workers who are the members of  Birleşik Metal-İş .

Socialist Laborers Party: Strike to Root Strike Bans Out!

Making a statement against the strike ban, SLP has stressed that the only way to the prohibitions is to  start the strike, while taking the attentions to the prohibitive state of AKP. “Metal workers must root the strike bans out” in order to claim their rights, their bread, their freedom and their future. The strike must be organized de facto against the strike ban. Metalworkers should set up their own strike committees in the factories against union leaders who will make strike evasions.

All laborers must be in solidarity with metal workers.

The only way to rebuff the attacks is to be organized and unison standing of the workers.

And, it is also necessary for the workers to detect the workers’ enemies well!”

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