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/ English / SEP (SLP): We Will Not Surrender to Erdogan’s Coup and Dictatorship!

SEP (SLP): We Will Not Surrender to Erdogan’s Coup and Dictatorship!

on 5 Kasım 2016 - 21:54 Kategori: English

Last night HDP MP’s have been taken into custody. Police raid into their homes and broke the doors. Apparently Erdogan is avenging the words ‘We will not make you president’ of Demirtaş and his MP friends. Erdogan emphasizes how ambitious and vengeful he is whenever possible. Of course, this is not limited to his grudge. What we are going through is the transition of Erdogan’s rule in to an open dictatorship.

The ones, who raided homes of HDP leaders and MP’s homes, did the same thing to Cumhuriyet newspaper and columnists. Just because they are dissidents, columnists like Kadri Gürsel and Aydın Engin were imprisoned. It is not a surprise to see the same thing with Demirtaş and his friends.

Ordinary people, politicians or opposing journalists is being arrested, fired and condemned to hunger randomly, without any legal proof and justification with the accusations of FETÖ/PDY, PKK etc. We are asking: Were not you the ones to support FETÖ and placed them to the crucial points of the state for years? You know very well that you are the ones to be judged in the first place about FETÖ and July 15.

We have now entered a phase where legal system has been left useless, and political power has no limits about arbitrariness. Today democracy in this country has been very suspended. Political and personal liberties are being heavily suppressed. We are being exposed to a wave of oppression similar to 1980 coup. CHP frivolously responded to HDP’s offer of joint struggle. We dread to think that as long as CHP opposes, they will be the next target.

Erdogan’s personal ambitions, imposing Islamist social engineering, suppressing opposing Kurdish people and all of the opposition, are dragging Turkey in to a disaster. A country where there is no human rights and democracy, women are killed and confined to home, youth are being oppressed, and workers are exploited and becoming impoverished, blood spilling away in the clashes similar to a civil war. AKP’s 15-year rule has brought Turkey to this point. If Erdogan continue his dictatorship practices, we should expect worse.

Proleteriat of Turkey, youth; friends and foes should know that this country’s resistance power have lived from Şeyh Bedrettin to Mustafa Suphi, from Deniz Gezmiş to Ali İsmail Korkmaz and will not die out. We will lean back on this legacy and we will never give in.

We are not telling to ‘calm down’, we are telling our comrades, friends to ‘trust the sturggle, to strengthen  the struggle’. It clear that this dictatorial regime of one man’s ambitions is suffering from its internal weakness. We should not forget that the only way out is to struggle. If we fight off future will be ours.

HDP Is Not Alone!

Dictate Get Out!

We Will Win By Struggling!

Oppression Can Not Dismay Us!



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