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March 8: Women’s Struggle for Equality and Socialism in Turkey

on 10 Mart 2020 - 10:13 Kategori: English
In Turkey, Eşitlik (Equality- Women organization of SEP) was on the streets on March 8.
In Ankara, despite the police ban on SEP’s demonstations,our comrades marched up to the police baricade and did not step back. We declared that we will keep fighting until the poverty, femicides, rape, inequal pay, exploitation and oppression end! We will keep fighting for a socialist world!
In İstanbul, police forces occupied Taksim to prevent women but thousands took the streets. We, SEP, also took part in these protests with our slogans: ” Women make revolution, not coffe” ” Socialism for equality” “Equal pay.”” Stop femicides”
Also we attended and interviened women protests in Aydın and Denizli.
In Turkey, Erdoğan’s regime have an anti-women agenda. Due to the fact that the regime dictates conservatism to society and increasing poverty, femicides and violence boomed. A young generation of women activists takes the streets on March 8 and November 25 every year. However, these protests have no social agenda beside reacting the oppression with a identity discourse. We, socialists intervine these movement to organize and radicalize it around a classist socialist program and make it the voice of working class women to defeat capitalist brutality. 
In the video, SEP Leader Güneş Gümüş agitating the people on the street on behind the police barricade.

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