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/ English / Argentinian Government Tries to Silence MST on Social Media!

Argentinian Government Tries to Silence MST on Social Media!

on 23 Mart 2020 - 19:27 Kategori: English

Social media accounts of our sister organization MST and its leader Alejandro Bodart from ISL in Argentina were closed as of yesterday. Just as in Turkey, the Argentinian government fails to perform widespread coronavirus test. Twitter campaign for mass testing demand (#testMasivosYa – #MassTestingNow) greatly supported by the youth and workers and became trending topic. The government, led by Fernandez, started to close the social media accounts of MST.

Besides the accounts of MST and Bodart, the accounts of other leaders Guillermo Pacagnini, Vilma Ripoll and Cele Fierro were restricted temporarily. On the other hand, the blockage on the accounts of MST and Bodart still continues. In his statement, Alejandro Bodart stressed that the blackout applied to them shows that the government does not have a serious plan to conduct coronavirus tests, which is the main issue in combating the epidemic.

The revolutionary movement in Argentina represents the most effective organized revolutionary opposition power in the world, and the weak bourgeoisie sees this organization as a serious threat. As a matter of  fact, in Argentina, the bourgeoisie has put the army on the street due to the fear of rebellion more than the virus.

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