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/ English / USA- Israel- AKP and all the reactionary dictators hands off Middle East!

USA- Israel- AKP and all the reactionary dictators hands off Middle East!

on 8 Aralık 2017 - 17:14 Kategori: English

USA- Israel- AKP and all the reactionary dictators hands off Middle East!

Jerusalem belongs to Palestinians!

The US declared that they recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Especially AKP that the old friend of Israel, all of a sudden, and all the two faced become a “friend” of Palestenian people.

Those who work together in the dirty works of the Zionist state: those who trade with them, the imperialist carrion crows who stomp on Middle Eastern people with militarist collaborations cannot speak of the Palestine cause!

Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital following a radical zionist policy caused Erdogan whose nastiness came out at home and abroad to use Palestine as a tool for changing the current agenda. On the other hand, what kind of problems can the AKP power have with zionism with which it had an agreement on natural gas (which is stolen from Palestanian people) pipeline on July 17 2017!

Both you will have common interest with zionist state, you will legalize it, you will work with it and you will be patched to the cause of Palestenian people!

Get off!

While the Palestinian people pay heavy cost for decades is obvious; these vultures cannot be a friend of the Palestinian people who has no water, no electricity, no home, no bread!

Let alone the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli state, the Israeli state itself which is the “policeman” of American imperialism in the Middle East is not legitimate. The recognition of the sovereignity of the Palastenian people has to be done without any strings attached. This is possible by opposing the imperialist capitalist system.

The Palestine cause cannot be a tool of imperialist accounts. The anti- imperialist socialist heritage of our revolutionary tradition that went there and died for that cause is the real friend of Palastenian people.

Down with Zionism, down with Israel!

AKP, USA and Israel: Hands off Middle East!

Palestine cause is the cause of socialists!

Long live socialist Middle East!

Socialist Laborers Party (SEP) 


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