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UK’s Brexit Referendum |Tilbe Akan

on 21 Haziran 2016 - 15:58 Kategori: English


England is getting ready for the referendum on this 23rd of June; ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’. After the 2015 elections the Conservative Party and UK Independence Party , backing the elected Prime Minister David Cameron, promised for a ‘EU Independence Referendum’. The word ‘Brexit’ means England leaving the European Union, such name ‘Grexit’ was given to Greece after their referendum.

England already is not in the Eurozone, it has its own currency; Pound Sterling. This referendum will be the political affiliation of England to the EU. Cameron and a big part of British capitalists support to remain in the European Union, including all the ‘system parties’ and even some unions… However, one must always remember; European Union is the Rich Man’s Club! European leaders apply Neoliberal politics in its borders. Cameron and his supporters want to stay in the EU to ensure maximize the capitalist profit. CBI head says ‘Staying in the EU is a long term profit for the British workers.’ this explains the reality behind the real goals of the EU.

Despite what EU declare itself as the defender of the human rights and welfare, it does not have the purpose of increasing the life standards of working class. The only thing it aims that to ensure the free circulation of labor but never in favor of the laborers but for the maximum profit. The primary goal of EU (under the leading cetral countries like Germany, France and Britain) is to unite the European imperialist powers around an united free market to compete with superior powers such as U.S.A. and China. Likewise,the real color of EU showed itself when EU imposed huge credit debts and international laws on the economically suffering Greek people. Since its founding in the 1950’s, European Union became a front for the capital and increased its security authoritarian power inside its borders.

Labour Party, under the pressure of its right , supports to stay in the EU. Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party and the Leader of the Opposition says ‘I support staying and making reforms, because we can change a lot of things.’ implying that in the EU socialist parties and unions can act together. However it’s obvious that the E”U” does not succes this unity. On the contrary giving these promises are quite risky. As if EU imperalism can sustain the unity of working class. According to the latest polls, half of the British people want to leave the European Union. Corbyn’s promises are only are diversion and nothing else. The ascendants of the EU has no intention for democracy or reforms. The only purpose for these internally competing EU powers are to profit the capital. And one of that leading country is Britain. EU has no intention for democracy or freedom it’s all for display, this can be observed very well by the denial of thousands of immigrants suffocating in the sea trying to go to Europe in hope for a better life. Whole European media ignores millions of workers on the streets of France against the new labor law under the police terror is another great example of the so called European Union’s exemplary understanding of democracy. Broadcasters are covering up all the terror and the realities.

İki komşu. Soldaki "ayrılmaya oy verin" pankartı asarken sağdaki, onu tamamlayacak şekilde " eğer işçilerin haklarının kesilmesini istiyorsanız" yazan pankart asmış.

İki komşu. Soldaki “ayrılmaya oy verin” pankartı asarken sağdaki, onu tamamlayacak şekilde ” eğer işçilerin haklarının kesilmesini istiyorsanız” yazan pankart asmış.

Its seems that there isn’t a big campaign against remaining in EU. Infact, the left is calling for ‘Leave’ is using a nationalist line, not in the internationalist base. On the other hand the fascist are growing more power. The fascist party UKIP astonishingly achieved 3.8 million votes in the latest election. They also have a big role on the referendum debates, and is able to lead the discussions. Moreover, they lead anti-immigrant campaigns throughout in the country.

Anti- EU campaign is conducted , unfortunatelly, dominantly by fascists. As popularity of Corobyn showed that Englad hunger for a left leadership. However, Labour Party is busy negotiating with the EU. It’s clear that British Socialists should campaign against remaining in the European Union. This could be done by exposing the truth being the intentions of the EU and how the imperialist Britain is against the working class.Anti- EU campaign should show British working class that EU is the project of British imperialism and working class’ interests never concides with bourgeis. The best way to fight against EU bourgeoisie is to give active support to the struggle of French proletariat.

Standing against remaining in the EU and against a bourgeois unity is only achievable by establishing a ‘Socialist Europe’ perspective. The only way to prevail from the destruction of the capital and, EU with all other capitalist-imperialist factions is never compromising the Socialist World Revolution ideals.

In short, choosing capitalism with EU or EU is not bussiness of socialists. It’s paramount that building a leftist alternative for the British working class is what we need.If socialist caanot do this, the positions always be filled with the bourgeois factions.Leaving EU which is th project of capitalist goals will put the European Union bourgeois into depression that is what socialist should defend.

No, to the EU and, yes to the workers unifying cause!

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