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Statement on US Sanctions on Turkey

on 6 Ağustos 2018 - 18:11 Kategori: English

SEP Central Committee Statement on US  Sanctions on Turkish Ministers:

Laboreres! Do not give credit to fake bullies, so called heroism!

For yourself, for the future, join to the organized struggle!

US imperialism is the number one enemy of all the laborers of the world. Therefore, we, socialists who take over the tradition of Deniz Gezmiş, always struggle against US bravely and we pay the price of this struggle. The biggest blow of the USA, the gendarme of the world’s capitalist system, to the Turkey’s laborers and the socialists of Turkey was the coup on September 12, 1980 ruled by Kenan Evren.

AKP is the offspring of the coup. We know well the children of CIA who are activated against the socialist struggle. All the laborers and the new generations should comprehend this truth. For instance, MHP itself- the alliance of AKP- is CIA production.

It is not only the production process. US and EU have a very important role on the rulership of AKP in Turkey. These truths cannot be covered as the whole world know the truth. All the big bosses in Turkey are supporters of NATO. They are the partners of the Western imperialists. These truths are not like fake fights, the real life built on these realities. Erdogan was bragging by saying “ I am the co- president of The Great Middle East Project, I am the strategic alliance of the US”, will we forget these?

As laborers and the youth, we should know these realities and reveal their fake anti- imperialist hypocrisy. Today’s crisis with US is an artificial crisis, which does not have a real essence. AKP, to be able to manipulate the unorganized masses about the fake image of “Strong Turkey” had had created two crisis which they cannot carry through with Israel and Russia. We know the results: AKP swallow its words in both crisis. Even though they try to cover these realities thanks to their media power, they are not capable of hiding these realities. Everybody knows that because of the threats of Merkel on the restriction on the bank credits, Deniz Yücel was released.

There is no law. Only concession bargaining. In other words, Trump and the USA know that when they develop a harsh attitude against Erdogan, Erdogan will behave properly. It is known that AKP which does not have a proper infrastructure in any field from economics to education cannot carry through any real threat. Even the third-class threats cause economy to shake. Moreover, it is not hard to guess AKP is in panick and looking forward to settling with US.

The price of this fake bulling is being paid already. The economic crisis which AKP created by itself is on the door. On the top of that the foreign currency shock cause the Turkish economy which AKP already destroyed to the edge of the cliff. The laborers pay for it: high cost of living,
high cost of living… To cover these, another artificial crisis is on the table… Yet, it does not work anymore. After every show of AKP, the crisis gets deeper. The laborers become more and more poor and this process accelerates. The price of AKP’s fake bullying and shows are paid by the laborers. Laborers should say “Enough” to this infamy. Without being anti-capitalist- which means to be against the exploitation system- you cannot be anti- imperialist. AKP dictatorship which revives the bosses is not anti-imperialist. Socialist organized thousands of demonstrations for the sake of the shutdown of İncirlik  Air Base.

Then, they shut down İncirlik  Air Base.!

Then, pull out of NATO, if you can!

Of course, they will not shoot themselves in the foot!

SEP  callsour laborera to join the struggle against these bouncers.

Laborers! Let’s unite against these bouncers, come for your own future and your offspring’ livelihood!


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