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SEP Statement on Afrin

on 17 Ocak 2018 - 21:57 Kategori: English

Kurds in Syria have the right to self determination

Stop Afrin Operation!

The adventures of AKP regime in Syria is for their own prosperity!

We don’t have children to sacrifice for war!

AKP, whose previous adventures in Syria had failed, is now preparing a new blood bath by organizing an operation to the Kurdish canton Afrin. AKP, who deepened the civil war in Syria but everything they counted on tuned out to be a dud, is now pursuit of attacking Kurds. This will create great trauma to all Kurdish people, as it will deepen further the civil war in Syria.

While the situation of the laborers in country is getting worse day by day and the reactions to the government among the people are fermenting, AKP hopes for help from the  “valor” in the foreign policy and the war. All the motivation of the AKP is to prolong its own power and to continue pillage.

The Erdoğan regime, which is experiencing a crisis both at home and on international level, is chasing after the titles of “supreme military command” and “veteran” to reinforce his dictatorship in process leading to 2019. Engaging in war for such nonsense, firing the hostility between the Kurdish people and the Turkish people and trying to create a blood bath are nothing short of being enemy to the people.

No to this occupation which is prepared to reinforce his place among the vultures in Syria, to demolish the historical gains of the Kurdish people and to overcome the crisis of power!

The Erdoğan regime, which continues an aggressive policy to protect and develop the economic and political interests of Turkey’s capitalists in the Middle East, once again aims to overcome the crisis of its own regime at the cost of the blood of the labourer and oppressed peoples.

The Turkish Armed Forces, which cooperate the operations with the jihadist gangs in the field, will also experience great losses and the regime is going to hide that! The people of this country remember the soldiers whom ISID burned alive! Bombs will pour on the cities of the Kurdish people, cities will be wiped off the map.

This country does not have even one drop of blood to drop for the sake of Erdoğan’s ambitions and the leadership he has dreamed of in the region. Stop the blood spilt by the AKP regime, which has linked its arms with the USA under the Greater Middle East Project and turned the Middle East into a blood bath!

As if slaughtering the peoples by the fanatic gangs with the supports of the AKP is not enough, on the top of that, the new attacaks that prolong the bloodbath are nothing more than a great deadlock. 

The only thing remained from the foreign policy of AKP, which makes a U-turn in bogus of Syria, of which every move that it makes is in vain, is Erdoğan’s ambitions.

No to the labourers being strangled to each other!

Long live the brotherhood of the Turkish-Kurdish-Arab-Alevi-Sunni Peoples!

The Kurds are not our enemies!

USA, the murderer, get out of the Middle East!

Enough to AKP’s politics to create troulbes to the countries of the region!

Enough to the dictatorship nourished from blood, hate and exploitation!

Long live the Socialist Middle East, long live the union of Workers, long live Internationalism!









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