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/ English / SEP Statement: AKP Should Stop Protecting Jihadist Gangs in Idlib

SEP Statement: AKP Should Stop Protecting Jihadist Gangs in Idlib

on 8 Eylül 2018 - 00:11 Kategori: English

Defeat of the jihadist gangs in Idlib that are the enemy of the peoples and the pawn of the imperialism is for the benefit of the working class in Syria, Turkey and whole Middle East.

Imperialists are violating Syria’s national sovereignty and supporting massacrist groups in Idlib are to continue the bloody war in Syria.  AKP government is with USA, Israel and European imperialists such as France. This is the real face of AKP government that labels itself as “anti-imperialist”.

In 1980’s, USA fed up jihadists in Afghanistan. Since then, jihadists started bloody wars, stirred up sectarian fanaticism. The existence of the jihadists have been an alibi for the power of sanguinary dictators. It is undoubtedly a historical moment that Jihadist fanaticism –had a peak point with ISIS – is being liquidated after it showed its real bloody face in Syria and Iraq. Defeat of jihadists means defeat of Saudi Arabia, reactionary Gulf states, US, Israel and AKP.

Fall of the jihadist oppression opens a new era for class struggle and creates opportunities for socialist organisations parallel to it. Those conditions exist in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Northern Africa clearly. Besides, Turkey is the most strategic country in terms of its material conditions and the struggle tradition it has. Only socialism can promise a good future, a humane life and social equality to hundreds of millions young workers in suffer. This is the stepping-stone for socialists.

Our struggle will continue until all the imperialist interventions end. Unless socialism becomes an alternative, ethnical and religious fanaticism will always have material conditions to gain power repeatedly.  Laborers should not be doomed to fanatic jihadism or exploiter dictators in Middle East. A socialist alternative should gain power for this. Therefore, we call all the class-conscious laborers to  SEP against imperialist capitalist nightmare.


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