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On Greek Elections – Dimitris Krassas

on 11 Temmuz 2019 - 15:23 Kategori: English

On the 7th of July  national elections were held in Greece. We had a shift  in government as  the traditional right-wing party  New Democracy  returned to  power with  almost 40%,  forming and one-party government .SYRIZA came second  with 32% , paying  the price  of the memorandums  and the Macedonia name agreement. 

We see The Return of the two party system as SYRIZA   will try to take  the role  of social democracy, replacing PASOK   as the second pillar of the system. Movement for Change , the coalition in which PAOSK is dominant force received 8 % , KKE stable at 5,3 %. A new populist extreme right wing party, Greek Solution, which emerged in the european elections  and resembles the examples of Salvini and Orban also entered parliament with 3,7 %. Varoufakis party also entered with 3,5%. So the next parliament will consist of 6 parties.

For the first time after 2012 the government will consist of one party , rather than a coalition , which means more stability for the system for the future attacks on workers rights and democratic rights. One good aspect of these elections was that the neo nazi party Golden Dawn failed to enter parliament , receiving 2,9 % and just missing the 3% mark. Undoubtedly this is important for their image but it must not lead to lack of concern about the phenomenon.The anticapitalist lest didnt do well. ANTARSYA received only 0,4 % and other independent organizations less. Even though revolutionaries cannot be electoralist, the elections can provide some conclusions for class struggle, through a distorted picture. The one party government shows the need of the system for stability, in order for financial growth to come along with privatizations and attacks on social rights.

We have experienced right wing governments before, the dissapointment must not be absolute. The looming financial crisis will change conditions once again and its up to the, the workers, the youth, the refugees, the women and all the exploited to repel the attacks and also take it one step further. The anticapitalist left is in disarray and many initiatives are being created, others to be more reformist,other centrist, other revolutionaries.Anticapitalsit left in Greece must connect with the base of the movement, the workers, the refugees etc. and create permanent connections accordinfg to their needs if we really want to provide a revolutionary alternative and end the vicious circle of party changing in government.the anticapitalsit left must rise to the demands of the historical period rather than fighting each other.

There will be important fights in the next period and only a strong anticapitalsit left can give working class the compass in which way it must go.

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