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No to Troop Deployment Bill to Libya

on 30 Aralık 2019 - 10:00 Kategori: English, Enternasyonal

AKP and Erdogan, which desired to be the patron of the Middle East, have only jihadist partners in Syria and their “brothers” in Libya now.

First, jihadists were brought from Libya to Syria for regime change, and now paid militants are moving from Syria to Libya. It should be noted that all the ships, aircraft, weapons and money sent to Libya are financed with the money stolen from the laborers of Turkey that have been suffering from the economic crisis.  AKP government uses this imperialist show in order to take the economic and social crisis off the agenda. Besides, AKP wants to save those jihadist gangs because of its take a fancy to them.

Libya is pushed down from the edge of the cliff so that it cannot be recovered. Therefore, the troop deployment bill sent to the parliament must be rejected.

According to the imperialist propaganda, Libya and Syria would be saved and liberated from dictators! But not surprisingly, these two countries suffered great destruction as a result of imperialist interventions. AKP government, who have been dreaming of conquering Syrian soil, have a great responsibility of bloodshed in Syria. And now, Libya becomes the target of a new proxy war of the imperialist forces and in this disgusting imperialist game, AKP is the leading actor again.

Libyans must determine the fate of Libya! The imperialist and sub-imperialist forces that send arms, militants and money to Libya, including the AKP, must immediately withdraw from Libya. The liberation of the working people of the Middle East is only possible with the struggle of socialist revolution which unites all workers against imperialism and capitalism.



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