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KKE and SYRIZA Pass Greece Along to Golden Dawn

on 13 Eylül 2014 - 10:28 Kategori: English

In Greece, while the attacks of ruling class become more reckless, the answer of the left can neither beat off the attack of capital nor prevent the forthcoming fascist danger. Most of Greek left and trade union bureaucracy, in particular KKE and Syriza, keep doing passive moves which drive the situation to despair instead of working for acquisition of workers’ control on the country’s destiny and future. During this process, fascist Golden Dawn continue increasingly to attack leftists and immigrators. Moreover, Golden Dawn enhances its legality in public sight. Golden Dawn normalizes itself normal day by day. In such a time the masses are droven into despair, it enhances its effect in the eyes of public, particularly inside petit bourgeisie thereby providing a different alternative.

In extraordinary times what happens is also extraordinary. Capitalist system can lead extreme solutions while they are in impasse crisis and social upside-down conditions. Military coup and fascism are these kinds of alternatives. In the history there are many examples showing that capitalists don’t care about freedom which they are always talked about, and even human life to provide the continuance of the system. In the past, while the system was in danger of total collapse in Italy, Germany and Spain, the ruling class didn’t hestitate to revitalise the system with the help of fascism. It should not be failed to notice that today the rise of fascism in the most area of Europe, especially in Greece, is directly related to this fact. Then, what are the mainstream Greek leftists doing within this period? To what extent are they putting anti-fascist struggle on their agenda? What are they doing to stop the rise of fascism? We can say that the only thing they do is to leave the scene to the fascists.


In Greece, Golden Dawn keeps growing and increasing its legality more then expected. To the extent that the left doesn’t canalize the anger of people who are dissapointed to the right channel, Golden Dawn will keep accusing the immigrants for crisis and social depression and strentghen the anger towards them. Thus, the anger of people against the system is turning to much more dangerous address, to immigrants. After June elections, after the events like the beat of a woman deputy of KKE by a Golden Dawn deputy, it is clearly came out that this organization is marauder rabble. We have already explained that as the fact that they kept their vote rate in June as in May is shown, Golden Dawn poses more dangerous than predicted. According to Reuters, in recent survey the support of Golden Dawn has increased 4 marks since the last general election and reached %10.5 now.

Golden Dawn is cooperating with police in criminal events about immigrants. In any situation that the immigrants are the object of the crime, police is canalizing the event to Golden Dawn marauders and makes them “solved” the problem. At the same time, with the help of their activities like helping old people, they advance in the creation of perception as a protector in the society. All these show that there is an urgent necessity to start to move for the struggle against Golden Dawn.


Meanwhile the oppurtunity to create an alternative for the masses is sadly coming away. In this situation, KKE is adding a new one to Stalinism’s betrayal in the world revolutionary history. Since it is the most organized party inside working class in Greek left, KKE has enough power to uproot the fascists easily when they want, but they don’t do this. In the streets, in the immigrants’ neighbourhood the agents (KKE and Syriza) who should organize anti-fascist actions and have power to do this, provide the opportunity for Golden Dawn to get stronger by not fulfilling their responsibilities.


The most important mean of the left against fascism is surely class struggle. Massive and long-term strikes will spread fear on fascists as they will rock the system. Moreover, long-term general strikes provide the opportunity to gain various class rights. However KKE and trade union bureaucracy is helping the system to survive by still passing off the struggle through one day strikes. Similarly, they play into hands of fascists. In Greece since the austerity measures have passed, 18 general strikes were organized and none of them resulted in gain. Since these strikes are being done not to target the system, but to absorb –waste- the energy of masses by so called “communist party” KKE, reformist Syriza and trade union bureaucracy. The most long-term strike lasted 48 hours by this time. The effect of short-term strikes on the system is limited. The strikes in Greece should last no less than a week; even they should be indefinite general strikes. Otherwise it is not possible to win anything against austerity plans, and these struggles with no gain lead masses to despair. In this situation Golden Dawn will come into play as another alternative. The only way to prevent this is to increase the effect of class struggle, extend the period of strikes and take anti-fascist measures.


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