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ISL: “Trump: Stop War Threats, Get Out Of Middle East!”

on 24 Haziran 2019 - 14:28 Kategori: Gündem


Trump’s and his gangs’ threats against Iran increased the tension by provocations to a level that can start a war.

There have been attacks to oil tankers in Oman Gulf for a while now. The US and its allies blames Iran but there are strong evidences that the attacks are provocations. The old lies of the US imperialism meets with the lies of Trump today.

After Iran hit US’ 200 million dollar spy drone in its air space, Trump declared he approved and then cancelled an attack on Iran with just minutes to spare. On the one hand, a majority of the US ruling class hesitates such a war with Iran reminding the consequences of Iraq occupation. On the other hand, Trump and some politicians around him like Bolton, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE eager to start a war. Such a decision would cause a regional war that can kill millions. However, imperialists never cares such loss. Thus, it is very important that working class should be prepared on international level against the threats of imperialist war and occupation.

The United Sates responsible for all destruction and massacre in Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Libya and Syria. Also, the US backs the military coup d’états and dictators in the region like Egypt and Sudan. Using the Mullah’s oppressive regime an excuse for aggression on Iran is a hypocrisy. The regimes of the theocratic monarchies in the Gulf and Israel are archenemy of freedom and peoples.

What is behind the aggression on Iran is that the US’s purpose of controlling all Middle East, protecting Israel against the resistance of Palestine and looting Iran’s energy sources. On the other hand, US’s and Israel’s threats on Iran creates an atmosphere of national defense in Iran that makes Mullahs gain more power. This weakens the laborers and the youth who fight for freedom in Iran. Iranian laborers are capable to overthrow Mullah regime and defeat imperialist vultures flying over Iran.

ISL calls laborers and the youth of Middle East to take action to defeat capitalism, dictators and establish a socialist Middle East Federation.

ISL condemns the US aggression against Iran and calls all the laborers for a struggle against bloody politics of the US imperialism.

Long live socialist Middle East!

USA hands off Middle East!

International Socialist League – 24/06/2019

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