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AKP, hands off Syria!

on 17 Şubat 2016 - 20:31 Kategori: English


In the Middle East, where rights cannot be organized and the independent organizations of the workers and the young cannot come into existence, people are played off against each other by the imperialist powers. Syria has become a bloodbath because of the civil war which is fueled by the interferences of imperalism.. USA and Israel, Saudi Arabs and Gulf countries, Russia and Iran, France and England… You name it. They are all running their bloody plans. And Turkey ruled by the AKP government is the leading actor of these bloody plans. Recep Tayyip Eerdoğan  is now obsessed with overthrowing Assad whom he was once allying with. He is responsible for the bloodshed in Syria. Erdogan who desires to create neo- Ottoman dreams by overthrowing the Esad regime, also wants to destroy Kurdish poeple who predestinate his own fate in Rojava.

No doubt that Erdogan count that the military victory will make him a sultan or a chaliph. Thus, the one man rulership consolidated. According to the plan, Chalif Erdogan who is the leader of Sunni sect will be able to have his tyranny in his own country! Erdogan who organizes the sect war in Syria, no doubt that he feels like a Sultan in his struggle against Iran. On the other hand, AKP rulership which is not venture to deal with these issues hope for help not only from the FSA(Free Syria Army) and the other radical Islamist groups but also from ISIS which he thinks the most organized and the most powerful jihadist organization. Money, gun, hospital, intelligence, border crossing, rear guard support… All these is offered to these decapitators. In conclusion, these villains fell people’s life apart not only in Syria but also in Suruç and Ankara. All these will be broght to account one day!

Nowadays AKP which is going to be overwhelmed in Syria is bombing the Kuridsh forces in Halep and threatening them with occupation. Since they won’t be able to fulfill their big statements about Syria again this time, they have turned to the most stinky point of Middle East swamp, Saudis. Saudi jets have already been located in the İncirlik base. Moreover, Saudis have declared that they are going to occupy Northern Syria with the help of the imperialistic puppets Gulf emirates like Bahreyn. USA have pointed out that they will give green light to an attempt like that. Saudis can not even help themselves and although it has been a serious threat to them they have failed utterly in Yemen; the poorest country of the Muslim world. That being the case, by shooting the Russian military jet, AKP’s foreign policy deserves to be a joking matter. On the other hand, although it is known that the RTE’s foreign policy is a total failure embark on an adventure in Syria and will drag Turkey and Middle East in to war.

We, socialist revolutionaries, are strictly against this kind of adventure.

Turkey should immediately keep its hands off Syria and recognize the earned rights of Kurdish people.

No to ethnic and sectarian slaughter!

Imperialists get out of Syria!

Long live the Brotherhood of Peoples!

Long live Socialism!

Long live our battle for a Socialist Middle East!


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