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Critique of the Theory of Deflected Permanent Revolution – V.U. Arslan

27 Ocak 2020 - 16:08 Kategori: English

Tony Cliff (1917-2000) has a special place among the new generation leaders who continued the revolutionary Marxist tradition after Trotsky. His distinctness bases on his insistence on critical thinking. Unlike the other leaders, Cliff, criticized some ideas…

SEP-G Establishment Notes – Analyze of Turkey: We Can Do It!

12 Haziran 2016 - 14:16 Kategori: English

  Socialist Laborers Party Initiative Notes: Analyze of Turkey: We can do it! Extraordinary Period Goes On In Its Own Evolution Turkey proceeds…


7 Haziran 2016 - 11:02 Kategori: English

Capitalism, surely a dilapidated system, is currently in a deep economic crisis that is compared with the 1929 crisis. Since capitalists plan to make…